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Meet the crew
The crew of Siobhan come from wide and varied backgrounds, here are their stories and adventures. Click on the names to the right.

Captain - Erik Dalhuijsen

Trips: All of Siobhan’s and more….
Age: 42
Nationality: Dutch
Occupations: Sailing.
Production Optimisation when I’m not sailing
Serving as a type example of what boat ownership can do for you – hair has been torn/fallen out and I don’t have any money.
Compiling “to do” lists which feature 100s of items


Erik has been sailing since he was a kid in the Caribbean and still can’t get enough of it. Experience includes fast tacking on dutch inland waterways (and don’t try to overtake him, because he knows where the shallow patches are!); sailing several summers and winters in T-Bird (30') on Scotland’s west-coast, single- & short-handed; multiple Atlantic crossings; and various National Championship races in dinghies (though, to be fair, maybe not in countries with the hottest competition _).
Siobhan is the realisation of a long-term dream. Maybe not (quite) as expensive as a wife, but she does what she’s asked and will remain beautiful.
Luckily for everyone else, Erik has an adventurer’s spirit coupled with a love of company. He is a willing and patient teacher, and generally fun to be around. Few things command his respect more than being keen to sail!


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