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The contact point for all things Siobhan. Captain's (b)log is updated regularly; the rest of the site when I'm not too busy having grand adventures (or fixing things).
Wishing you all wind in your sails and enough open sea around!

2013: Baltic, North and West Scotland!

lifting in Kerreraaround Mull downwind

News (5th August already!) and in Corpach, Scotland (today only in Paisley, also Scotland)

Stuck in the Caledonian Canal! Well, not literally but due to windlass failure which I am now trying to resolve not yet on the salty west coast... though I am on the west coast (Corpach). Sailed Denmark, Germany, Holland and now Scotland since last update... more on the blog.

now not so News anymore... (28/6/13): In Nyköping, Sweden.

Siobhan in SUNNY Sweden! Beautiful island anchorages, lots of nature, full moon, late night sun (can't vouch for the early morning sun..).  A lovely week from Karlskrona, to end up by Valdermarsvik at the same time that were there (well, by arrangement) who we picked up and have been cruising with for the last week. Today Gilda went off (i.e. on to visit some friends, then on to Scotland) and we're in Nykoping where there's not enough going on for Ernest and Manfred to have found a place to gig so quiet evening and early-ish start for the north east tomorrow.

Older news.. (19/6/2013)

A good week's sail from IJmuiden (NL) via Germany (Kiel Canal, or more correctly the nord-ost-see-kanal) to Denmark and on to Karlskrona in Sweden, where we arrived Saturday evening.Some technical teething problems, a departure with wind on the nose, but overall a lovely trip with somewhat unseasonably low temperatures. Oh well.

Now (Monday 17/6) after crew change sailed ~65nm  up to Kalmar: sun was out, 15 knots of wind from a good direction, so shorts but not quite t-shirt.

Departure set for today, 19th, to get away from harbours and building sites and to islands, anchors and peace!

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old news: 2012 saw Siobhan in Inverness (Scotland) and Enkhuizen (Netherlands)

Maintenance started again, lots of old gripes removed, electric heads installed, engine electrics and boiler renewed, saillocker repaired, aft shower redone, dinghy built...

older news: 2008: Iceland, Faroes, but first a little Scottish "musical tour"

This story with photo's still needs writing (2013)... sorry, it's been busy!

old news: 2006: Ireland roundtrip

roundtrip story only half written... 2007 was mainly maintenance in Kerrera(2013)!